Socially entrenched in the awesome

Morning. I have no idea where that title was really going. The point is - I am having a lot of fun meeting people in LA - hanging with current friends, meeting new ones, etc.

There is a social vibe here - not only because people want to hang out and network and such - but because people are generally very friendly. It is this West Coast syndrome. I have no idea what causes it, but my best guess is the sunshine. People smile at you on the sidewalk - they look in your eyes - they might even say hello - or Nice sunglasses - or dig the Def Lepard t-shirt! People in stores want to chat with you - they want to take the time to hear your story, to find out where you've been, what you're doing, chat about current events and trends, etc. I have had conversations in elevators, the futon store, the coffee shop, the bar, my new apartment - with random people - and the funny thing is, I seriously value these conversations. They are meaty and meaningful and spirited. Everyday this shallow LA stereotype I have been fed by my east coast upbringing is coming crashing down. And I love it!

Now, don't get me wrong. Stereotypes are based on truth. I have heard some laughable convos and met some less than genuine folks - but the majority is made up of genuine, creative, and openminded people, not the shallow, stupid, plastic dolls we believe overpopulate this city.

So for all of you east coast naysayers - the ones who don't even want to visit the west coast because of all the shit you've heard - come on out. The water is fine! And you will be accepted with open and loving arms.


1. I went to the Hollywood Bowl with my old theater friend from State High - Brett Puglise. Brett is a sharp, goodlooking, hilarious young man working as a lawyer for Lionsgate. He looked dashing as he picked me up for our date - sushi, Guys and Dolls in concert, and some bar hopping in Hollywood. We picked up right were we left off and had a great time. The Bowl is this gorgeous structure that sits beautifully against a backdrop of hypercolor mountains. Friends and family gather around with picnics and wine glasses and enjoy the desert coolness of an evening under the stars with great music. What a beautiful night! The show was filled with recognizable names - but no performances truly stood out. The unfortunate reality of movie stars in stage musicals has bothered me for a long time and this was no exception - although Jessica Beal truly nailed "If I were a Bell". The star of the night was the score - truly one of my all time favorite musicals. Brett and I were both involved with the production at State High YEARS ago - I played a brace-faced street walker. I have been in love with this show ever since and have decided that before I die - I will play Adelaide - and Ellen Green proved that I have a long time achieve this goal!

Our venture into the Hollywood nightlife was wonderful. We walked over sidewalk stars and passed hookers and hot youngsters out on the town as Brett regaled stories of VIP premiers, hot parties, and dancing with Justin Timberlake at his birthday party. It was fun and surreal. We ended up at this hot spot - a 24 hour diner/bar with the best looking clientele I've ever seen at a diner! Our bartender was a member of the Real World Vegas - and we became fast friends - chatting about LA, TV, life, his son, etc. He was charming and beautiful - just like any ex-reality star should be. We couldn't tell if he was hitting on me or Brett - and it didn't matter. The vodka was tasty and the conversation was hilarious. My plan is to get in much more trouble with Brett in the near future. I am quite positive that if I am ever going to make out with a celeb - it will be under Brett's watch. I will keep you posted on that front! hehe

2. I also recently acted in a student project for Jesse - my brother. We re-staged a scene from one of my favorite films, Wonder Boys. It was strange acting in front of the camera - but I had a great time preparing and working with Jesse, especially. My leading man turned out to be a very talented crooner/songwriter who is playing in the area a lot. He is on the look out for a female vocalist and we exchanged contact info. I am pretty sure I am going to be singing with this man very soon - out at a venue in LA - sort of a gig audition. So random and wonderful! He also offered me some very cheap studio time - so that is amazing. Ah the connections you can make on a random day in LA. I am doing another scene for Jesse this weekend and asked my old actor friend and Boston transplant, Kevin Ashworth, to act with me. We played husband and wife in The Longwood Players production of "Merrily we Roll Along" - forever ago. It will be really fun to reunite with him and do some onscreen shenanigans!

3. My social/singing experiment of "saying YES" is paying off bigtime. I have decided that if anyone ever asks me to sing - I will say yes. It is this complete surrender to my craft and my talent - I have decided that I am here to share my music - so if someone asks, I do it. If anyone saw the movie "Yes Man" - it's very similar to that, but not as extreme. For instance if you ask me to sing during a funeral - I'll probably say no - but maybe the wake-hehe. So I have sang at a random party with a boy with a guitar - we made up songs and laughed, I sang for some people my roomie had over to the apartment - the one listener has his own hip hop record label and was VERY pumped for me, I sang spontaneously with Amanda Mcbroom at a shop in Ojai, I sang an original tune for my voice teacher the other day - and she flipped her shit over it! I played my CD for the guy at Jesse's film shoot and got a gig out of it. Basically what I'm saying is - by completely giving of myself and my talent - I am receiving SO MUCH MORE. I am receiving blessings. It is insane. You seriously get what you give - and when you give of yourself freely - you get unlimited love right back.

On a random note - that hot waiter who I spoke of earlier this week - well I googled the crap out of him. He is in a great band in LA called The Afternoons. They have a song called "Say Yes" that inspired this piece of street art by famous artist, Shepard Fairey. It is crazy how you can find inspiration in the most random places - like musing over a hot waiter at a cafe.

So I will leave you with that thought. Look around you. Check out your hot waiter. Talk to the guy who sold you your futon. You never know what little bit of inspiration might exist in that interaction. And most importantly if someone asks you to share your heart with them, share your talent, or share your lunch - SAY YES!!!!!


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