New Lease...on Life!

I did it. I am moved into an apartment in Los Angeles, CA! I am completely relieved in every single way. The transitional period from Cambridge to LA has been long enough - albiet fun. It feels really good to start rooting myself in this city - in a neighborhood - in a life. I'm ready. I really love this city. It is sunny and charming and creative and full of life! It suits me.

So I live on South Detroit St. and 3rd Avenue - technically the area called Miracle Mile. This tickles me pink. It is literally a miracle that I am here. Mini miracles keep happening to me every day here - and I feel like this little reminder that I'm living in an environment and a world where miracles happen will keep me positive and focused on the infinate possiblities that are ahead of me! Amen! My apartment is beautiful and perfectly priced. I have my own bathroom and tub and gorgeous window and gated parking space. My room is spacious and great with a HUGE closet. There is an amazing roof deck - the view of LA - wow - there is a pool and jacuzzi on the roof as well. Seriously, I found what I was praying for.

My roomie's name is Evelyn. She is a beautiful actress, spiritual thinker, positive, vivacious woman who loves life. We got along instantly. Here is a pic of her in front of the sunset as we walked up to IKEA. To quote Casablanca, "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

I do not have a bed yet - which should be remidied by tomorrow. I have some IKEA tables to put together, etc. It will all be set up soon, I'm sure. My roomie wants to throw a house warming very soon - because she is a social goddess and very friendly. This makes me feel loved and welcome in my home. SMILING.

In other news, some cool stuff has happened in the last week! It involves an old friend, the Hollywood Bowl, a Real World cast member, my brother, the grove, Italy friends, and a car wash. Stay tuned for a random blog update tomorrow!

Good night moon.


  1. Yaaaay! I can't wait to come and visit you in your new home. Lots of love. xo

  2. Wonderful news! With I could be there for a "house warming" and a "birthday" celebration--all rolled into one.



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