My Grammie, Maria Von Trapp, and Shirley Temple = Love

Hello group.

Just a few words today. I just got back from church at the Crystal Cathedral...meh. It's a long drive. I enjoyed a few things, but decided without the dynamic presence of Dr. Schuller throughout the service, it's really not worth it. I did have a sense of peace while I was there though. There is something comforting about getting up on a Sunday morning and going to church. It feels as if you are walking in the footsteps of your ancestors, sitting in the pew, looking for guidance, praying and singing in the way they did - it's good to know where you came from, connect with it, respect it, and move on. The elder lady behind me smelled like my Grammie who passed away 5 years ago. Grammie loved to watch the "Hour of Power" at the Crystal Cathedral. I sat in the pew this morning and missed her, horribly. My memories are becoming more faint and I wish I could just sit next to her and hear her laugh and hug her and taste her kraut and dumplings and sing with her. Lately I've been feeling so happy when I think of her because I think if she was here, she would be living vicariously through me. She loved movies and glamour - especially Shirley Temple. I wish I could have walked with her around old Hollywood and played pretend. Grammie loved to play and she would often dress up, just for fun, just to feel glamorous and beautiful. I have always enjoyed dressing up, and a lot of that comes from my kinship with Grammie. I know that Grammie is with me and watching over me and hopefully she is having a ball wherever she is! It comforts me to think she might be proud of what I'm doing - granted she would be worrying and praying her ass off - but she would be proud. If I ever make it to one of those glamorous Hollywood or Music events with the evening gowns and the red carpets, I'm going to imagine what Grammie would be wearing and saying and feeling had she been my guest of honor. I can only imagine which gloves she would wear and the sound of angelic giggle as we spotted a steamy celebrity. Gosh, I miss her.

I was actually telling a few friends recently about how my Grammie met Maria von Trapp at Von Trapp Family Resort in Stowe, Vermont a few times. Both friends exclaimed, "Maria was a real person?????" I was stunned! Of course she was! She is an inspiration. People can't make up stories like Maria's! I read her autobiography, Maria, (signed by the woman herself) last year. It is an amazing story of faith! Maria believed she was destined to be a nun. She was determined to give her life to God and happy to do it. When she was asked to take care of the Captain's children, she was not pleased. She grew to love love love them, of course! The real story is a bit different from the musical. When the Captain asked Maria to marry him, she did not want to. She wanted to be a nun. She argued and fought with God. She was angry and confused! She was willing to give God the ultimate sacrifice, why was he asking her to go and marry a man instead!! Well, she ended up surrendering to her path - and with time fell madly in love with the Captain and toured all around the country singing with her family and bringing joy to the entire world. Thank God she was able to let go of what she thought was her way - and let God take over. What an amazing story! No wonder people think it's fake.

I will be singing a song from one of Grammie's and my favorite movies, "Meet me in St. Louis" at the Gardenia on Tuesday night. Maybe I will dedicate it to her.

So anyway, I'll leave you with a song and quote for the day:

"My Favorite Things" - The Sound of Music

"When I was 14, I was the oldest I ever was. I've been getting younger ever since." - Shirley Temple


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