Just a quickie as I keep it real.

Good morning dearest,

I'm up! I set my alarm for 9 this morning. I think it was a good idea. I feel groggy, but alive and ready to get some poo done! (Not literally) I have a lot going on today so there is no time to dilly.

I need to get some errands done early and out of the way - then I have some hardcore preparation for my voice lesson this afternoon. I need to work on the songs I'm going to be singing at my two open mics next week. I haven't completely decided what those songs are yet...so there you go.

Then I am going to see Inglorious Bastards with a new friend at the Arclight in Hollywood. He said we might spot some famous people. I said good, because I'm feeling pretty jipped with only seeing two real world people. Come on now! Where are the bigguns???

So yesterday was good. I worked out, got groceries, and practiced guitar for a long time. I learned how to play "Let it Be", which was fun and I'm getting better at playing Emmylou Harris' beautiful song "The Pearl." It is an anthem, a prayer, a dirge, sooooooooo good! My friend Dave Aaronoff introduced me to that song on a mix he gave me for the drive out here. :)

Here is my philosophy on the guitar playing. I'm going to stop saying "I suck at guitar." I think that this phrase will keep me stuck in a paralyzing, defeated mindset. I'm ready to say "I'm getting better at guitar everyday, and with practice I know I'm going to be good!" I will affirm that I will be good and that actually my skills are just right for today! How about that. Here is the thing, I want to make it as a songwriter and a singer and a musician. If playing guitar is something I need to do to do that better, then you better believe I'm prepared to work my ass off! Robert Schuller says all you need is 'enthusiasm, faith, hard work, and prayer.' I'm cultivating those skills!!!!!!! yahooooooo.

Yesterday I also went and saw my friend Barbara's improv comedy troupe "Robert Downey Jr. Jr." in Santa Monica. They were freaking hilarious!!!!!! So smart and sharp and naturally funny. Nicole (an old friend from Boston who now lives here) and I hung out with them by the pier to hear some of the outdoor concert. We laughed our asses off. I can say this about actors and improv comedians - they never stop being funny. I can foresee that it may get annoying over time: "Can you stop 'improving' for a second and just TALK TO ME!" But it was perfect for last night. I needed a really good laugh. I didn't wetems, but there might have been a halfsie.

I will also say this. The past 2 days have been really smokey and really hot. There are fires in the hills and it's really strange to see that much smoke in the distance. It looks very...sad. The air is also not awesome right now - but we deal. We're grateful for breathing, so there's that!

So I am off to do my day, people. Just wanted to keep it real and do a little morning bloggsie.

I will leave you with my song and quote for the day:

"They will be like a well-watered garden, and they will sorrow no more." - Jeremiah 31: 12


  1. I wish there were a thumbs up "like this" on your blog. Had a ton of fun last night, thanks for inviting me. Drumming next!


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