The search for home - clicking my heels as we speak!

LA is hot as balls. I'm just gonna lay it out there. I don't care how hot Cambridge could get in the summer - it does not touch the all out feeling in a concrete city that your skin is literally baking in the sun. If I ever thought tanning was cute, I think I'm getting over this really fast. It's not cute to be crisp like a little cookie coming out of the oven. Now I know it sounds like I'm complaining - and I quasi am. I like to be cold. I'm from New England for god sakes. But you know what I love - THE SUN. It's so pretty. And the way it lights up the clear blue, open sky is truly something that makes your day a little more bearable - a little 'sunnier' - pardon the cheese. I am also a huge lover of BIG SUNGLASSES. Anyone who has known me for any amount of time has learned this random fact and I like that on any given day in LA, one MUST wear sunglasses and on that day, said glasses had better be HUGE. How lovely to learn that my favorite accessory in life is a daily necessity in this town.

Observation number 2. People are absolutely freaking out of this wold beautiful in the city. Guys and girls - I wanna look at all of them all of the time. I'm like a kid in a candy shoppe, I can hardly keep my eyes on the road. NOTE TO THE MEN OF LOS ANGELES: Running minus shirts. Keep up the good work! :)
I had my first flirty encounter with Hot Waiter today, here. Hot Waiter is a character who I'm sure I will be running into often, all over town. Hot waiter has piercing eyes, a smirky smile, great sense of humor, manages to touch you on your bare shoulder, stares just a little too long to be casual, and is most definitely an ACTOR/MUSICIAN/CELEB WANNABE and God bless him. I hope to be seeing you again Hot Waiter - in my dreams - and at most every chichi outdoor cafe in LA. Call me. We'll do lunch!

Observation B. As long as you are not on the freeways and driving anytime other than peek hours, traffic in LA is not that bad. I don't care what you say! It doesn't bother me. I actually enjoy rolling back my sunroof, singing to my tunes, chatting directions politely with my darling british GPS lady - named "Dahling"- and checking out the hot people in the other cars. It's fun. Oh - and LA drivers may be a little dumber than New England drivers - but they are far less assholish. I said it. Masshole road rage is not an unfounded stereotype. And I don't miss you, Mholes.

Thing 4. Food is really good and healthy here. I have eaten fish tacos almost every day. Fresh, delicious, hearty, healthy. Nuff said.

Section 5. I have talented friends. After only a week and a half in this City I have - made a music video with an amazing, young director, started a documentary with a visionary artist, had a voice lesson with a woman who is challenging me to go a place with my voice I have never gone, talked shop - grammy noms, music connects, life advice- with a good friend and golden globe winner, signed up to do an on-screen adaptation of a scene from "Wonder Boys" with my brother - the filmmaker, found multiple websites, links, info and inside audition information from a talented actor friend, had a creative, inspiring dinner with friends from Italy, and reconnected with theater buddies old and new who want to 'do coffee' or 'lunch.' HELL YES!

Part deux - the apartment search.

Searching for an apartment is like online dating. You check out the posting, the picture, the stats on paper, weigh the pros and cons, make a phone connection and fantasize about the voice's head, get your hopes up for an instantaneous house connection, reapply lip gloss at the door and straighten the shirt of your outfit that is trying to not look like you tried, and blammo! You enter the room. It always has a foreign smell, different furniture, strangers on the fridge, but most definitively - the prospective roomie. I have not found the right apartment yet - but I'm on the prowl and my prospects are looking good.

I met the guy from Sha-na-na. I drove out to his crazy far out house in North Hollywood and was sort of disappointed from moment one. It was in the boonies - with an airport in the backyard. A Mexican man across the street whistled at me as I walked up to the door- and then I entered the house. It was...not like the photos. It was as if someone on put up a professional headshot from 1995 and knew you might be a little disappointed with the real deal. It was small and characterless with a huge dude vibe - inhabited by 3 men who all seemed of the hermit variety. Dirty dishes in the sink, 1985 tv, peeling paint in the kitchen sink, and separate areas for the 'owners' dishes and the 'second class citizens.' I really bonded with the sha na na man - on a musician/human level - but I couldn't get over the hunch that the aging hippie was trying to make a buck off some gullible renters - it just was not worth the money. The place was sort of dump and he was charging a very high price with a stupid amount of utilities, not to mention demanding assigned house chores, etc. I was turned off. Still - I kept telling myself it could be a great music connection - I could be recording in the house 24/7 - learning guitar from a pro- meeting great people. I tortured myself through the night and decided discomfort is not worth fantasy industry connections. I will have to place my bets elsewhere.

Onto the next. I saw two other apartments today. I am not going to blog about either yet - do not want to jinx anything. But I will say that one of the apartments had an upright piano, record player, vanity/backstage make-up area, and a little dog who looks exactly like Dolly but will be moving out soon. I'm hoping this place works out. I will diverge more details as they come.

Alright folks. Wish me luck. If you ever think of me - imagine me in a beautiful, colorful, musical home, surrounded by positive, productive, creative, supportive people who live honest, considerate and kind lives!

Also, tip of the day: Menage a Trois - not just an ambitious sexual resume item - it is a delicious Californian Red Wine - a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. I suggest you try some!

"There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home."


  1. good luck fran! i've had menage (the WINE...) and it is fantastic, to be sure.


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