Car, Packing, Writing, McBroom, etc.

I'm sitting in a Direct Tire in Watertown, MA getting my 30,000 mile checkup in preparation for the big trek west. I'm secretly hoping they will outfit my car with an invisible button and turbo jets just to make the trip cross country a little bit easier. I'm a little worried about the drive. I'm excited from my romantic point of view - driving cross country to claim my dreams with nothing but my record collection and guitar in tow! How perfect. My practical side is listening to my mother and grandmother - what if you get tired on the road, if only you had a driving partner, it's SOOOOOO far, blah blah blah. The beauty is, I'm sorta learning to shut off that voice - it's a scaredy cat - and listen to the optimistic, fucking brave and all about life voice that wants to take the world by storm. It's more fun that way. As long as I map out my route and stay in Holiday Inns over Bates Motels, I will make it to California alive. Hot damn!

The packing on the other hand...really sucks. I have about 5 different categories that stuff belongs in. Garbage, give away, store, take, reserved for friends. It's freaking confusing and time consuming. How many times have I fantasized about putting all my shit in a pile and letting it BURN!!!! How satisfying would that be! But alas, I actually have a heart and soul and I'm human. I have found myself to be way more attached to my belongings than I thought I was. And I guess I"m just gonna have to accept that little fact of life and roll with it! I can always send packages out west. It's not as if I"m leaving the planet earth.

The awesome McRad thing is that I'm writing again. I'm not really sure where it is coming from, but then again everything that has transpired in the last month has seemed more spiritually infused than usual. I wrote a song about my experience auditioning for Star Search when I was an awkward, brace-faced little lass in Jacksonville, FL at a local mall. It was torture. Your audition was public - in front of the whole mall. And they started my freaking "Wind Beneath My Wings" Karaoke tape at the wrong spot. We cued it for gosh darn sakes!!!!!!!!!!!! I sang over that tape with everything I had and ran off the stage crying. Fuck Ed McMahn!!!!!!! Anyway, I thought it was good fodder for a song - especially now that I have grown a little and Im going out in the world to basically audition for freaking star search again. Although I stubbornly refused to audition for American Idol this year. I wonder why in light of recent horrifying memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tonight I'm going to see the wonderfully talented, beautiful and inspiring Amanda McBroom sing Jaques Brel songs on the Barrington stage in the Berkshires. Her outlook on life and generous performing spirit as well as her guidance has seriously changed my life and I couldn't be more excited to see the Lady herself take on an audience. I'm happy to bring my brother a long who will be by my side out there in the City of Angels. I feel he might understand the transformation in my outlook on performing once he sees this consumate pro at work. Amen!!!!! It will be good to say hello as well. You can check out Amanda's new album that I had the intense pleasure of listening to in Tuscany during an intimate CD listening party. Go here!

So anyway, life is good. Moving is hard. Saying goodbye is the worst. But doesn't it feel fucking fabulous to be fully engaged in the current of life??? YES!



  1. Blog your way across America, baby! We will welcome you to the Golden State with open arms.

  2. Fran -- thanks for posting this on facebook so I knew you (also) were a blogger. Love the unself-conscious reflection, so refreshing. Boston will miss your sassy stage persona, and LA better damn well embrace it. Good luck!


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