New post - new blog - new life

It's all about new, people! I'm moving to LA and starting out with a fresh slate - building a new career, etc. I figured it would be a good thing to create a brand spanking new look for the bloggy blog, archive the old stuff, and become like a little baby - seeing the blogosphere for the first time. I intend to blog a lot more once I am a full-time artist/singer/actress/performer - because at this moment I am still on the clock at the West End House Boys and Girls Club. It is quite surreal that come next week I will officially be 'unemployed' and only have my art and singing to focus on. How amazing! How freeing! How totally freaking frak awesome. I'm so excited and not really scared. Maybe I'm delusional, but sort of feel like God and the whole Universe is like, finally!!!!!!! This is so much easier. Thank you, Fran. Thanks for not pushing back anymore and just being in the world - the way you were meant to. I have a friend who once told me, "You're a banana trying to be an apple. Just relax and be a banana!" That's the plan. Frannie bannanie. Keeping it real.

PS. I also have a new website! It is a work in progress - but check it out!


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