It's all in the timing...

So recently it has become very clear to me that the universe/God is a lot more powerful than I am. I know that this seems like an obvious statement. But in our capitalist, new-age, carve your own destiny, ego-driven world, it is easy to believe that you are in the driver's seat. If you pass point A, B, and C, you are going to reach D and all in practical time. If I make the right moves and say the right things and put out all the right kind of energy and pray, I am going to get what I desire. Isn't that what we all believe in general? Well there is a part to this thinking that is flawed in that it excludes the big picture. It does not account for the fact that we are miniscule parts of a HUGE whole! That every move that we make effects thousands of living things. And as a believer, it is good to remember that God is taking care of everyone and everything, not just myself, at every moment of the day. So with this in mind, I am learning that the timing of our prayers being answered is running on a multi-facsited schedule. For example: Bobby Sue's tooth cannot fall out until her Father, the tooth fairy, stops working late and he will not stop working late until Mrs. Hendrickson is feeling better and she will not feel better until her son comes to terms with the fact that she is getting older and decides to visit more often and that cannot happen until he learns how to drive. You see! Little Bobby Sue should just chill because her tooth is going to fall out in God's timing, and she will get her dollar bill from the tooth fairy, so stop complaining!

This is all becoming crystal clear as I watch certain friends fall in love at awkward times and others lose the relationship they wanted to last forever. I am watching these dramas play out in the midst of my own desire for a love connection, and seeing that no matter how hard we try to create our destiny, there is a power greater than our own at work. It seems that the most powerful move either one of us could make towards a meaningful, happy life is the lay back with our arms outstretched and surrender to the amazing current of the universe. To let it take us to places we could never dream of. To relax into the great rhythm of life. It is like we are members of a great orchestra. We can either try to direct ourselves, hitting jarring notes and playing out of tempo with the rest. Or we can surrender to the conductor's baton, showing up with our best foot forward, using our talents to our greatest ability, and letting the power of the music take over. Only then will our lives resemble the masterpiece they were meant to be.

I wonder how I can do that? It sounds really lofty and overly simple. One idea that I know AA has put forth for years is starting the day on your knees. Physically surrendering to the 'Higher Power' as they call it. Another nice skill is meditation. I have recently had some wonderful experiences of the natural rhythm of life while surrendering to the breath. It was really powerful. I guess Prayer is the other big one. I remember in my crazy christian days we talked a lot about laying your burdens at the foot of the Lord. leaving all your cares in HIS hands. This imagery is really powerful and helpful, especially at time when you are feeling overwhelmed. So that's a start. I guess the most important thing to remember is that my path is being carved out no matter what I do. God has a plan for everyone of us. We can either impatiently wait for our turn, or we can surrender to the bliss, and realize that everything that we could ever need at any point in time is already provided. That the Universe knows our plight, and we will be taken care of in perfect timing!


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