Yet Again

So how many times can I post in a day? Is there a rule that you can only do it once? Do people cyber-judge you if you have multiple musings per day? Well I'm just going to have to bet that not many people are going to read this, so it doesn't matter much any way. What is the point of a blog anyway? Is it a journal? Is it just supposed to document what happens in a day? I'm not sure. But i guess it's my stupid thing, so I can do whatever I want with it! ha!

I was searching online for funny t-shirts. Actually i wanted to see if I could find a T about mustaches that wasn't gross. A. because I think they are funny. and B. I've noticed that college-aged boys think they are hilarious and are growing them by the dozen. I thought I could purchase a T for one of my mustache-worshiping brothers. Anyway, I came across a t-shirt that had a picture of an inhaler on it and the words "Lil Wheezy." This made me laugh. I was reminded how as a kid I often had asthma and would find myself in a stressful situation wheezing away and needing my inhaler. The fear of not being able to breath was horrifying. The inhaler provided a little comfort. I remember seeing the movie "IT" in which one of the characters is told that the inhaler is a placebo and actually has no medicine whatsoever. It was just 'H2O.' Man did that scare the shit out of me. I was already so self-conscious that my asthma was made up, and then to think that the only thing that made it feel better was fake medicine. Talk about a mind-fuck. That movie was so scary. But anyway, I had a little moment of delight today realizing that I don't suffer from asthma anymore. My body grew out of it. Maybe I just grew up and was no longer so afraid and in need of comfort. Or maybe it is actually a condition that's treatable with inhalers and I just grew out of my allergies. Either way, I'm so grateful to no longer feel a "Lil Wheezy"


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