Snow Monster

Dolly almost caught a squirrel today. She bounced through the thick, wet snow and was hot on the tail of a squirrel who was having a mighty hard time running away. She pounced, and the squirrel was quick enough to run right up the tree in our back yard. Dolly circled the tree for about 5 minutes hopeing her prey was stupid enough to come back down. The tree is like "home" in the game of tag. If the victem can reach home, they are safe. They cannot be tagged out. But the moment they leave home base, they are free game. Dolly hates the tree. It spoils the game everytime.

Now she is safe inside with a bunch of 'snow dreads' all over her body and leaving little puddles of water everywhere she goes. Back to her usual game of growling and whining at every passer by from her perch on top of the couch.

I have never had an animal in my life who brings me this much joy. She is the little, white delight of my life!


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