The Prince

So after yet another unsuccessful bout with online dating, I found myself in a gloomy mood about dating. "When will I ever meet someone? Why are their no men my age who believe in God? Why do I keep meeting the same types of guys over and over." blah blah blah. After a few bitch sessions on this subject I found myself in church on Sunday.

I was listening to the message, and feeling truly inspired and guided towards a more Godly path. I realized that I was looking in all the wrong places, and also expecting the kind of results that did not reflect my actions. God was telling me that if I truly wanted lasting Love, a good marriage, and a family, I needed to start preparing myself for this. This is a philosophy I have worked with a lot these past couple years. Creating a vision for myself, and then fertilizing ground for that vision to grow on. For instance how can I expect to meet a man who believes in God in a bar. It's like looking for a straight man in a Dance Company. So anyway, back to the point. I set out a few plans of action. I was going to stop the online search, and let God's timing take over. I was going to end my interactions with men that were infused with any sort of alcoholic beverage. It was clear to me, that if I wanted to meet my husband, I needed to start preparing my bed for him. I was very comforted by this new guidance and felt confident in my next move. So it was time to come to center aisle and sing the songs at the end of service, and I found myself looking into the kindest, most beautiful eyes. My stomach dropped. I looked again, and noticed that he could not stop looking at me either. It was too intense. I could not believe my eyes! How could this be? The second I re-dedicate myself to my future husband, I meet him! I know that sounds dramatic. But I'm just getting started.

So I immediately go to talk to my minister about the sermon. I also find a way to ask who this mysterious/gorgeous man at the service was. I could tell Evrol knew him intimately. "Oh, he is like a son to me. He stayed with us during his time at University. He is """INSERT FAMOUS HUMANITARIAN"""'S grandson and a Prince in Africa." Me: "Whaaaaaa????!!!!" ok. darn. nervous now.

Anyway, I was introduced to this man. We had a fabulous conversation about God, how we found Unity church, how excited we would be to get more young people to come to our church. He said he would be back in town to go to grad school and would love to work with me on this mission. He asked for my contact info, and we had a little flirtation. I was FLOORED.

You know that song "Someday my prince will come?" from Sleeping Beauty. This was my reality. Was this the man I have been waiting for?

It seems like a long stretch. It seems impossible. Maybe it is. But the gift I was given on Sunday was a man to look forward to. I know that someday I will meet a man who will knock my socks off. He will be the Man that God has been preparing for me my whole life. I realized that I do not have to do one little thing, other than prepare myself for him. We will find each other. There is a crazy part of me that feels as if maybe I found him already. But I don't think that that was the point. The point was to give me hope. to soothe my heart. To remind me of what is to come. And to let me know that I am worthy of a Prince because in my own way, I am a Princess.

I am so thankful to God and the Universe for this gift. For showing me what an amazing man looks like. I know what I have to look forward to now.


  1. What a beautiful story! The Universe really does work in mysterious ways...

    Also, "it's like looking for a straight man in a Dance Company" cracked me up. Too true.

  2. Hi there. I'm new to your blog, just found it by way of the kind comment you left on Lauren's most recent post. (Lauren and I went to high school together.)

    I read this and wanted to share the way my parents met. My mom was in the library at her college, trying to study, but actually agonizing over whether or not she should get back together with her boyfriend back home. She prayed, not in an obvious* way with folded hands, but quietly in her heart and mind. She had a similar epiphany/supplication moment with God, asking for Him to bring the man He was preparing for her in His own time. And right then- RIGHT THEN- my dad asked her if she'd watch his stuff while he went to the bathroom. (She thought he walked like a duck.) They celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary this coming July. :) Just sayin.'

    *I feel like I have to mention she hadn't bowed her head and closed her eyes. Otherwise, my dad comes of sounding like a jerk for interrupting someone's prayer because he had to go to the bathroom. Heh.

    Good luck!


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