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Good Morning,

This Simon and Garfunkel tune popped into my head this morning. Random. When I was in 5th grade at Riverside Presbyterian Day School in Jacksonville, FL - for some reason we had to learn this song. It was our 'class song.' I think that's funny.

Anyway, woke up round 9 this morning which means I am successfully training my inner clock again, thank the Lord! I'm making coffee - and just a side note for anyone addicted to Starbucks - and I mean GOING to Starbucks. I was with you for about 3 years. After working there, I decided there was no better way to start the day, don't ask me why. Now that I am not making money and my roomie had a pretty good relationship with her coffee maker, I am realizing the GENIUS of home coffee making. It is delicious, hot, no lines, costs a fraction of what you spend at the store on a daily, you can use hippie agave nectar sweetener AND you can enjoy it in your tee and undies in front of the computer or on the porch or on the toilet - in comfort. What a novel idea. So anyway, coffee maker, I solute you, and I'm so glad you're here.

Good things are brewing in my noggy nog today. I asked a friend of my brother's who plays guitar to accompany at my gig at Room 5 and he graciously said YES. So I will have at least some reliable guitar strumming on stage, HALLELUJAH. Now that my goal gig date is set in stone it's time to get cracking - put together the set list, finish those unfinished songs, and start getting Jared on the same page for the gig. I'm excited. I am in such foreign territory everyday and so out of my comfort zone - but it feels like I'm growing. A lot. If I"m not growing, I'm dying - so needless to say it feels...groovy.

I also got a random call from someone yesterday - out of the blue. This guy heard me sing in my living room here at the new apartment weeks ago. (Remember my little 'Say Yes' experiment? Well here is where it pays off.) My roomie had asked me to sing for the guests, using our On Demand Karaoke thingy. This is probably the worst form of parlor performing, but I did it and had fun. The guy was very impressed. Anyway, he called and said his Producer friend is doing a talent search for up and coming singer/songwriters for this great project and wants to meet me. Who knows where it will go, but isn't that neat. Little doors open when you say yes! It's creepy.

So I went and heard my friend Bernie play again last night at Molly Malone's. So fucking good. I am watching him, his backup singer, and an upright bass player just wail! And I mean, the musicianship - soooo good. And the songs and the singing. I don't know how I attracted talent into my life like this, but I am pleased and blessed. Bernie is also giving me great tips on how to be sane and professional in the music world - and I need it, baby!

I also got to meet JT - this charismatic guy who books Genghis Cohen, Molly Malone's and others. He recognized my name from the Room 5 thing( his apprentice booked me), so that was cool. I have definitely found a little singer/songwriter niche/community to reside and kick back in. It is awesome.

On the horizon for today: Going to a Greek festival with my friend Nicole and heading out to the Gardenia tonight for a cabaret show featuring Wendy Lane Bailey and Amanda McBroom. Not too shabby.

Song and quote:

The 59th Street Bridge Song- Simon and Garfunkel

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. - Bob Dylan


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