New Song VLOG: Help me name it!!!!

Morning folks,

Got a brand new song for ya today. I'm not quite sure what to name it. What do YOU think? Leave comments!

PS. did I ever tell you how much I appreciate you reading my blog/supporting this thing I'm up to? Well I do. THANKS! :)


  1. I have several ideas/votes/whatever you wanna call them:

    1) I'd Rather
    2) The One About Tom Cruise
    3) Fantasy Hour

    Love you! xoxo

  2. Love these! I'm diggin "The One about Tom Cruise" a lot. It reminds me of the titles of all the Friends episodes. I get to see you sooooo sooon! xoxo

  3. 'bout Eyes Wide Shut?

  4. Interesting, "Eyes Wide Shut". Mr. Cruise WAS pretty hot and creepy in that. :)

  5. Hey cats! I've decided to name the song "The One with Tom Cruise"! Thanks for your suggestions! Lauren - you win!


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