New Song VLOG: April Fool's Day! Check it out!!!

Morning my loves!

It's a VLOG day, yippidy doooooo!!! It's also my brother, Jesse's birthday. So let's all think about how awesome that is for him! ....

ok, moving on!

Check out the new song below. I gave you a little teaser of this one a few weeks ago. This is the full song. It is in the running for a slot on the new demo I'm recording in June! Hope ya'll like it. Try to rate it with like 5 freaking stars or comment on Youtube. It makes me look cooler.



  1. 1 - I love these Bedazzled vlogs.

    2 - You need the big boss to whistle back up for you!!

  2. Loraine!!! Thanks babe! You are so right! She is the master whistler. Maybe I can get her in the studio in June! haha. Hopefully I'll see you soon! xo


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