Screw the fear. Get on the faith train!

Good morning fearless lifers!

How are you all? I'm doing great this morning. Pretty much cuz I've realized the shit in the life, can be the gold. And when you realize that, everything turns to gold. And then you're living in luxury! haha.

( I stabbed my hand with a kitchen knife really deep and had to go to the free clinic ER and get stitches on my chord making hand on Saturday. It was gross. But all the right people showed up to help. And it's fine now. So Amen)

I had a little fun surprise today. A stranger. Someone I've never heard of or talked to commented on one of my videos on Youtube - on my cover of "The Pearl." He loved it.


It means it's working! It means that somehow in a world these tools that I'm using and putting my faith in are reaching a new audience. A group of people who may not listen to me otherwise. Freaking awesome!!! Even if it's just that guy. I love that guy. I'm so grateful for that guy. And I hope that guy has friends who want to watch it too. Because this is how it happens, you guys. One person at a time. It doesn't happen in a flash of lightning. I"m pretty sure no one in the world just woke up one morning with a career.

It takes commitment. It takes dedication and discipline. It takes talent and hard work. And it takes FAITH. I thought youtube was kinda dumb. Who really cares about watching my amateur performances anyway, right? Who? But I just had to have faith in the tool. I believed that this tool might, just might broaden my audience. And this morning it did. To THAT guy.

Covers on Youtube work. I'm pretty sure the VLOGS are working too, because they are attracting a different group to my normal blog and to the youtube page. It's so crazy what happens when you just tell your brain to shut up and have faith.

My brain likes to tell me I'm not worth it. I'm not good enough. No one will ever love me or care about my music...blah blah blah. My brain is ridiculous! If my life was left to my brain and my ego I would be...some sort of drunken homeless gypsy living on the streets of some foreign city waiting for Prince Charming. So THANK GOD for God. I have something in my life that is more powerful than my brain. And when I believe in it, my brain rests. My creativity and soul can take over. The best in me comes out and the most beautiful outcomes go down.

This whole change in my life has been based on faith that something larger than myself was at work. And I think it's going pretty damn well. I'm so excited about the shows coming up this week! Thursday night is the Open Idol competition with celebrity and A&R judges at the Keyclub in Hollywood. 20 songwriters will compete for cash prizes and get judges, American Idol style. I'm nervous and pumped! I like pressure. And it's on. I feel like the stakes are high. They are getting higher every time I perform. And in reality, you never know when your last performance will be - or the one that could change your whole career. Especially here, I never know who will be in the audience. Never. So the pressure is on in a good way. I need to put out my best product and effort and have faith in the rest. That's the equation. Without faith, it's pretty much torture. haha. So if you're around, come cheer at the Open Idol thingy! The audience gets a say in who wins. That audience should be YOU.

I'm also getting to sing at this SNL-like comedy night at ACME Comedy Theater on La Brea - this Saturday night at 7pm!!!!! I'm so excited! Mr. Belding from "Saved by the Bell" will be hosting and I am the musical guest. I'm introducing a drummer for this show - in hopes that we will make it pop a bit more! If you are on the East coast, you can see the show live on the Internet!!! It will be streaming here at 10pm EST. All in all, I don't know how all this is happening. It just is.

It just is.

I have to say that I have had so much support from Mitchell Shaffer. He is a musician, booker, and friend who has helped me a long the way and given me many opportunities to perform and sage promotion advice. These two gigs this week are thanks to Mitchell, so let's all give him a big round of applause for being awesome and believing in me!

Cuz it's all about faith, ya'll. That's what I'm saying.

What are you putting your faith in? Isn't that a concept. If we have faith in failure...guess what happens???? If we have faith in love...guess what we get? If we have faith, I mean real faith, in pickles...the pickles will come.

It ain't easy. But gosh darnit, it works!!!!!!!!!!

signing off.


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